How to Find a Lawyer to Fight Your Speeding Ticket

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You can find an experienced traffic law attorney to fight your Missouri speeding ticket by 1) asking for referrals from friends, 2) Googling attorneys online, or 3) searching legal websites such as AVVO, where you can read client reviews of attorneys and see attorneys’ answers to legal questions.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Speeding Ticket Fixed?

The price to get your speeding ticket amended to a non-moving, no-point violation (sometimes called getting a ticket “fixed”) depends on many factors, including:

  1. What type of traffic violation you committed.
  2. Which court your case is being prosecuted in.

A speeding ticket prosecuted in a municipal court usually requires an attorney to spend less time and effort than if the ticket is for a more serious traffic violation prosecuted in circuit court.

For example, a speeding ticket lawyer will charge more to represent you for a “Driving While Suspended” ticket in St. Louis County Circuit Court than for a speeding ticket in Florissant Municipal Court or St. Louis County Municipal Court.

Traffic Law Attorneys Have More Experience With Speeding Tickets Than Other Types of Attorneys

This seems obvious, but many people are surprised that the attorney who drafted their will or handled their divorce doesn’t know much about traffic law.

As an added bonus, speeding ticket lawyers usually charge less than other types of attorneys to represent someone in court for speeding tickets.

A traffic law attorney who has handled thousands of tickets will offer the following services for free:

  1. Flat-fee price quote over the phone for legal representation.
  2. Free consultation and estimate of the outcome of your case. For example, they can tell you whether they can get your speeding ticket amended to “Illegal Parking” and whether you will have to attend traffic school (sometimes required for drivers under age 21).
  3. Estimate of the fine and court costs you will have to pay to the court.

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