Andrea Storey Rogers

Andrea Storey Rogers

Owner of The Rogers Law Firm

Andrea Storey Rogers

About Me

St. Louis attorney Andrea Storey Rogers helps people charged with traffic violations and criminal offenses, such as speeding, marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, shoplifting/stealing, leaving the scene of an accident, driving while suspended, MIP (minor in possession of alcohol), withdrawal of guilty pleas, and cancellation of warrants in St. Louis and throughout Missouri.

Andrea is originally from southern Illinois and attended St. Louis University School of Law. She worked as a litigation attorney at two large law firms in St. Louis before starting her own law practice in 2009.

Andrea’s main areas of practice are traffic law and criminal defense. She gets her clients’ speeding tickets reduced to no-point, non-moving violations so their driving records and car insurance rates won’t be negatively affected, and she helps defendants fight their criminal charges in court.


  • Missouri Bar Association, Member Since 2005
  • Highly Rated, 5-Star Client-Reviewed Attorney on AVVO online legal services marketplace

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