How to Withdraw Your Guilty Plea

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You Can Change Your Mind After Pleading Guilty

It is possible to change your mind after pleading guilty to a speeding ticket or criminal offense such as marijuana possession or shoplifting if you were not represented by an attorney when you pleaded guilty.

Withdrawing a Guilty Plea Can Remove Points From Your Driving Record

Withdrawing your guilty plea for a speeding ticket or other traffic violation will remove the points that were added to your Missouri driving record when you paid the fine.

Some people need points removed so a license suspension can be lifted, while others want points removed to prevent an increase in their car insurance rates

Get a Conviction Off Your Criminal Record by Withdrawing Your Guilty Plea 

Anyone who pleads guilty to a minor criminal offense, such as marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, or stealing, quickly realizes that the conviction shows up on their criminal background report. Even a minor criminal conviction can prevent you from getting a job, renting an apartment, or getting financial aid for school.

In many cases, an experienced attorney can withdraw the guilty plea and negotiate a plea bargain deal with the Prosecutor to get your criminal charge dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense, such as “Littering.” Having a conviction for “Littering” on your criminal record is much better than a conviction for drug possession or stealing.

How to Withdraw Your Guilty Plea

Hire an experienced attorney to help you withdraw your guilty plea. Your attorney will file a motion with the court to request that the judge allow you to withdraw your guilty plea.

If the judge agrees to let you change your plea, then your attorney will  negotiate a plea bargain deal with the Prosecutor to get your traffic ticket amended to a non-moving no-point violation.

Or, if you are withdrawing a guilty plea for a criminal offense, your attorney will negotiate with the Prosecutor to get your criminal charges dismissed or amended to a lesser offense.

In many cases of withdrawing a guilty plea, the defendant does not have to appear in court at all.

What Happens After You Withdraw Your Guilty Plea?

Once your attorney successfully withdraws your guilty plea and negotiates a plea bargain deal with the Prosecutor, a new fine will be assessed by the Prosecutor. The new fine will be higher than the fine you already paid. The court will subtract the amount you already paid from the new higher fine and you will pay the difference.

Then the court will revise the court records to remove the original conviction from your record. So, if you originally pleaded guilty to marijuana possession but your attorney was able to change your plea and get the charge amended to “Littering,” your criminal record will now show that you have a conviction for “Littering.”

If you originally pleaded guilty to speeding and your attorney withdrew your guilty plea and got your ticket amended to “Illegal Parking,” the points will be removed from your driving record and there will be no conviction on your record.

To change your plea or withdraw your guilty plea for a traffic ticket or criminal offense, call St. Louis attorney Andrea Storey Rogers at (314) 724-5059 to discuss your case and get a price quote for legal representation. Or email Andrea at [email protected]

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