How to Get Your Red Light Camera Ticket Refund

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If you have questions about how to get a refund for a St. Louis City red light camera ticket fine that you paid between February 11, 2014 and August 19, 2015, go to the St. Louis City Municipal Court’s web page for St. Louis City red light camera ticket refunds.

Refund checks were mailed recently to everyone who paid red light camera fines during this time frame. If you have not received your check yet, the Court’s website has information about what you need to do to get your refund.

Or click here to read my previous blog post about red light camera ticket refunds.

If you have received a Missouri speeding ticket or other traffic violation, you may be able to get it amended to a no-point violation so it won’t affect your driving record or insurance rates. Call St. Louis traffic law attorney Andrea Storey Rogers at (314) 724-5059 to get a price quote and estimate of the fine and court costs. Or email Andrea at [email protected]

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