How Long Can Police Keep You in Jail Without Filing Charges?

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If you have been arrested and taken to jail in Missouri, the police must release you after 24 hours of confinement if the prosecuting attorney fails to charge you with a crime within that time period.

If no charges have been filed after 24 hours of detention and the police are unable to obtain a warrant to hold you any longer, then they must release you.

Click here to read the Missouri law about how long police can keep you in jail without charging you.

Contrary to popular opinion, the police do not have to read you your Miranda rights before arresting you. A police officer must read you the Miranda warning (“You have the right to remain silent…”) if he wants to question you while you are in police custody and use that testimony against you in court. If the police officer fails to read you your rights, any evidence discovered as a result of the interrogation is inadmissible in court.


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