St. Louis Wants to Bring Back Red Light Cameras & Add Speed Cameras

St. Louis City wants to bring back red light cameras and add speed cameras to pay for hiring more police officers.

In late 2014, St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay announced his plan to increase the annual police budget by $8.7 million to hire 160 more police officers to fight increased crime in the City.

The proposed bills for the budget increase were unsuccessful in 2014, but the Mayor’s office announced this week that they plan to try again to obtain the funding to hire more police officers.

In addition to money from red light camera ticket fines and speed camera ticket fines, other proposed sources of funding include an increase in the city’s vehicle license tax and a tax on parking garages.

Click here to read the full St. Louis Post-Dispatch article about red light cameras and speed cameras in St. Louis City.

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