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CDL Truck Driver Tickets

Avoid License Suspensions That Could End Your Trucking Career in Missouri

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Aggressive Legal Defense to Protect Your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) When Your Job Is On The Line

For commercial truck drivers, a simple traffic violation can have severe consequences that jeopardize your ability to maintain your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and earn a living. In Missouri, even a minor offense like speeding or running a red light can result in points being assessed against your driving record. Accumulate too many points, and you could face a lengthy CDL suspension or downgrade – effectively barring you from operating a commercial vehicle. This can devastate your career and leave your family’s financial future hanging in the balance. Truckers cannot afford to take these risks lightly.

That’s why hiring Andrea Rogers of Rogers Law Firm is essential for CDL holders facing traffic charges in Missouri. As an experienced traffic attorney, Andrea understands the high stakes involved and will work tirelessly to prevent any violation from impacting your commercial privileges. Her legal strategies aim to get charges reduced or dismissed entirely, avoiding penalties that could lead to a suspended or downgraded CDL. Andrea has helped numerous truck drivers across the state protect their driving records and continue providing for their families without interruption. With her guidance, you can fight back against unfair citations and unjust allegations, ensuring a single mistake does not derail your trucking career and livelihood. Andrea’s skilled representation gives you the best chance at preserving your CDL and future on the road.

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*For standard speeding tickets, we offer a FULL REFUND if your ticket is not reduced to a no-point infraction. 

Receive a flat-fee price quote and an estimate of the fines and court costs upfront.

Call Andrea directly and ask about your case outcome guarantee.

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Your CDL Is Your Livelihood - Protect It

Don’t let a traffic violation jeopardize your trucking career and income.

Speak to Andrea about keeping your commercial driving privileges secure.

Receive a price quote and an estimate of potential fines and court costs UPFRONT.

Call Andrea directly and ask about your case outcome guarantee.