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St. Louis Red Light Camera Tickets Dismissed

All unpaid St. Louis City red light camera tickets will be dismissed, and the City will issue a refund if you paid a red light camera ticket fine within the past 18 months. This is a result of yesterday’s Missouri Supreme Court ruling that St. Louis City’s red light camera ordinance created an unconstitutional presumption of guilt

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Red Light Camera Ticket Refund

You may be eligible for a 20% refund of your Missouri red light camera ticket fine. Due to a recent lawsuit settlement, you could receive a partial refund of the fine you paid for your Missouri red light camera ticket if you received the ticket on or before November 21, 2014 in any

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Red Light Cameras Argued in MO Supreme Court Today

Today the Missouri Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on cases involving the use of red light cameras and speed cameras in St. Louis city, Moline Acres, and St. Peters. Click on this link to go to the Missouri Supreme Court website to read summaries of the cases being heard

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Ellisville Turns Off Its Red Light Cameras

On March 5, 2014, the City Council of Ellisville, Missouri voted to turn off its red light cameras and quit issuing red light camera tickets. According to the company that installed the red light cameras, the cameras helped reduce accidents by 44% at three intersections in Ellisville where red light

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St. Louis City Turns Red Light Cameras On Again

As of February 14, 2014, St. Louis City has resumed issuing red light camera tickets. Just a few days after St. Louis City Circuit Court Judge Steven Ohmer ordered the City to quit issuing red light camera tickets, that same judge granted a stay while the City appeals the judge’s

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Appeals Court Rules Florissant Red Light Cameras Are Legal

The Missouri Court of Appeals has again ruled that red light cameras are legal. Florissant Red Light Camera Lawsuit In 2011, three plaintiffs who had received red light camera tickets filed a class action lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Florissant, Missouri red light camera ordinance. In May 2012, the

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