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Do Warrants Show Up On a Criminal Background Check?

In general, arrests and convictions show up on a criminal background check but warrants do not. Warrant information is not public information and, therefore, only courts and law enforcement should know if you have a warrant. However, it all depends on which entity is providing the criminal history. For example,

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Can Police Search Your Car?

A police search of your car is legal if 1) you give consent, 2) the police have probable cause to search your car, 3) the search occurs immediately after you have been arrested for a traffic violation (and other conditions exist), or 4) the search is conducted during an inventory

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How to Get an Arrest Warrant Lifted

An attorney may be able to lift your warrant, cancel your bond, and obtain a new court date for you. Then your attorney can negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney to get your charges reduced to a lesser offense. Why Was a Warrant Issued Against Me? Missouri courts

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