How To Find A Prison Inmate In The Missouri Department of Corrections 

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If you want to find a prison inmate or someone who is on probation or parole in Missouri, you can search for them on the Offender Web Search website.

How To Find A Prison Inmate Or Someone On Probation Or Parole

The Offender Web Search website can help you find a prison inmate in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

The Offender Web Search can also provide you with information about people who are on probation or parole and are being supervised by the Missouri Department of Corrections.

You can search using first name, last name, and alias names.

You will not be able to find information about a prison inmate who has been discharged from prison or who is no longer on probation or parole.

What Shows Up On Your Criminal Background Check?

After getting out of jail or completing probation, many people have trouble getting a job because of old arrests and convictions that show up on their criminal background report.

For more information, read my previous post about what shows up on your criminal background check.

How To Get Old Convictions Expunged From Your Criminal Record

Missouri’s new expungement law, RSMO 610.140, which took effect on January 1, 2018, makes it possible for more people to expunge (remove) old convictions from their criminal record.

Under the new expungement law, you can hire an attorney to file a petition in court to expunge all records relating to your prior arrests or convictions. You must have a clean record for 3 years (for misdemeanors) or 7 years (for felonies) after completion of probation or other sentencing before filing the petition for expungement.

There will be a hearing before a judge, who will decide whether to approve your request for expungement.

If your petition for expungement is successful, all records will be sealed (not destroyed), meaning the records will be closed to the public.

Unfortunately, law enforcement (police, prosecutors, and judges) will still be able to see the information about your prior criminal offenses even after expungement. Also, any employers that are considered “entitled entities” will be able to see what you had expunged from your criminal record. You can read RSMO 610.120 to find out who is entitled to see your closed criminal records after expungement.

What Can You Get Expunged From Your Criminal Record Under Missouri’s New Expungement Law?

Many misdemeanors and felonies are now eligible for expungement under Missouri’s new expungement law RSMO 610.140. You can read the law to determine if your conviction is eligible for expungement, but here are some examples:

  • Convictions for marijuana possession and other controlled substances ARE ELIGIBLE for expungement.
  • Convictions for stealing, dangerous felonies, sexual offenses, domestic violence, forgery, identity theft, and hate crimes are NOT ELIGIBLE for expungement


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