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Get Your St. Louis Speeding Ticket Reduced to a Non-Moving Violation

A traffic ticket lawyer can get your St. Louis speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving, no-point violation to avoid points being added to your driving record and an increase in your car insurance rates.

Don’t Plead Guilty to Speeding in St. Louis

If you plead guilty to speeding in St. Louis, points will be added to your driving record, and your car insurance rates may increase.

Instead of pleading guilty, you can hire a traffic law attorney to represent you. Your attorney will negotiate a plea bargain deal with the Prosecutor to get your ticket reduced to a non-moving, no-point violation such as “Illegal Parking.” The Prosecutor will require you to pay fine that is slightly higher than the original fine, plus court costs. You won’t have to appear in court, and the court will give you at least 30 days to pay the fine and court costs.

As soon as the court receives your payment, your ticket will be reduced to a non-moving, no-point violation. This means no points will be added to your driving record, and your insurance company will never know you got the ticket.

Too Many Points on Your Driving Record Will Cause Your License to be Suspended

When you receive a speeding ticket, it is tempting to just pay the fine and forget about it. However, if you pay the fine, that means you are pleading guilty to speeding. That guilty plea will cause points to be added to your driving record and may also cause your car insurance rates to increase.

For a typical speeding ticket issued by a Missouri State Trooper, 3 points are added to your driving record. For “Driving Without Insurance,” 4 points are added. Standard traffic violations such as running a stop sign or improperly changing lanes are typically 2-point violations.

If you accumulate 8 points on your Missouri driving record within 18 months, your driver’s license will be suspended for 30 days (if it’s your first suspension). Your license will be revoked for 1 year if you accumulate 12 points within 12 months.

You Can Change Your Mind After Pleading Guilty to a St. Louis Speeding Ticket

Many people plead guilty and pay the fine for a speeding ticket and later wish they could change their mind. An experienced traffic law attorney can help you by withdrawing your guilty plea and getting your ticket reduced to a non-moving, no-point violation that won’t affect your driving record or car insurance rates.

It is much easier to withdraw your guilty plea if you 1) did not have an attorney representing you when you pleaded guilty, and 2) not much time has passed since your guilty plea.

If you have pleaded guilty and want to withdraw your plea, consult an experienced attorney to get a price quote for legal representation and an estimate of the fines and court costs you will pay.

How to Remove Points From Your Driving Record After Pleading Guilty to a Speeding Ticket

If your ticket was issued in a county where the Prosecutor won’t reduce your ticket to a non-moving, no-point violation, you may be able to take the Missouri Driver Improvement Program (DIP) to remove the points from your driving record.

You are eligible to take the DIP class if you have not taken it within the past 3 years. You are not eligible to take the DIP class if you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or if the traffic violation was committed while driving a commercial motor vehicle. You must obtain the judge’s permission to take the DIP class, and you must complete the DIP class within 60 days after pleading guilty.

Read my previous blog post “Missouri Driving School Removes Points From Record” for more information about the Missouri DIP class.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you complete the DIP class, points will be removed from your Missouri driving record, but the speeding conviction will still show up on your driving record, and your insurance company may increase your rates.

For more information, read my previous blog post “How to Get a Speeding Ticket Reduced to a Non-Moving Violation in Missouri.”

To get your St. Louis speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving, no-point violation that won’t affect your driving record or insurance rates, call traffic law attorney Andrea Storey Rogers at (314) 724-5059 for a price quote and estimate of your fine and court costs. Or email Andrea at


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