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St. Louis City Will Refund $5.6 Million For Red Light Camera Ticket Fines

St. Louis City will give a full refund to any person who paid a St. Louis City red light camera ticket fine between February 11, 2014 and August 19, 2015. The amount of the refund is $100, which is the full price of the original fine.

People who paid red light camera ticket fines in St. Louis City prior to February 11, 2014 were eligible for a red light camera class action settlement that provided a $20 refund for each ticket.

When Will Your Refund Check Arrive in the Mail?

Refund checks should arrive in the mail within 15 business days after October 21, 2015.

What to Do If You Don’t Receive Your Refund Check?

If you paid a St. Louis City red light camera ticket fine between February 11, 2014 and August 19, 2015 and you don’t receive your refund check within 15 business days after October 21, 2015, you can go to St. Louis City Municipal Court at 1520 Market Street in St. Louis with your photo identification to claim your check.

Will St. Louis Bring Back Red Light Cameras?

St. Louis City officials say they are working on re-writing the red light camera ordinance so they can get the red light cameras up and running again.

Click here to read a recent St. Louis Post-Dispatch article about St. Louis red light camera ticket refunds.

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