Get Warrants Lifted During St. Louis Amnesty Week

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Get all of your warrants lifted for $35 during St. Louis City Municipal Court’s Warrant Amnesty Week, September 22 – 26, 2014 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This warrant forgiveness event will offer defendants a one-time chance to get all of their St. Louis City Municipal Court warrants cancelled at one time.

Throughout this week, the total fee to get your warrants lifted is $35, no matter how many warrants you have, and no matter how old the warrants are.

St. Louis City’s warrant amnesty program does not apply to cases involving charges of DUI/DWI or “leaving the scene of an accident.”

To get your warrants lifted, go to the St. Louis City Municipal Court at 1520 Market Street in downtown St. Louis and enter through the 16th Street entrance. Once you pay the $35 fee, all of your St. Louis City Municipal Court warrants will be cancelled and you will be given a new court date. By the time that court date rolls around, you must do one of the following:

1) plead guilty and pay your fines, or

2) appear in court if you plan to represent yourself, or

3) hire an attorney to get your charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense

To find out if you have a warrant in St. Louis City Municipal Court, call St. Louis City Municipal Court at (314) 622-3231 or go to the court clerk’s office in person to ask if you have a warrant. (You will not be arrested.)

If you need legal help for arrest warrants, traffic tickets, or other criminal charges, call St. Louis traffic law attorney Andrea Storey Rogers at (314) 724-5059 to get a price quote for legal representation. Or email Andrea at [email protected]

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