Judge Orders St. Louis City to Stop Issuing Red Light Camera Tickets

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St. Louis City Circuit Court Judge Steven Ohmer has ordered the City of St. Louis to stop issuing red light camera tickets.

The judge’s order, dated February 11, 2014, declares the St. Louis City red light camera ordinance invalid and prohibits the City from doing the following:

    • issuing red light camera tickets,
    • enforcing the City’s red light camera ordinance,
    • processing payments for red light camera tickets, and
    • reporting unpaid red light camera tickets to debt collectors

Today, St. Louis City Counselor Michael Garvin commented in a St. Louis Business Journal article that the City believes Judge Ohmer’s ruling conflicts with an earlier Missouri Court of Appeals ruling. The City will quit issuing red light camera tickets while it appeals the ruling.

Click here for more information about the judge’s ruling on the St. Louis City red light camera law and about other cities in the St. Louis area that have quit enforcing red light camera violations.

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