St. Peters Red Light Camera Tickets Now Mean Points on License

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Points will now be added to your driving record for St. Peters red light camera tickets.

The St. Peters Board of Alderman voted last week to revise that city’s red light camera law to allow penalty points to be added to vehicle-owners’ driving records for red light camera tickets.

Prior to the Board’s vote to revise the law, St. Peters red light camera tickets were no-point violations that did not affect the vehicle-owner’s driving record or car insurance rates. The Board’s decision to revise the red light camera law is in response to a recent court ruling stating that St. Peters’s old red light camera ordinance conflicted with state law that requires points to be assessed for moving violations.

The new St. Peters red light camera law will also increase the maximum fine for a red light camera ticket in St. Peters from $200 to $500.

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