Radar Detectors Are Legal in Missouri And Illinois

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Quick Facts About the Legal Use of Radar Detectors & Laser Jammers in Missouri and Illinois:

  • Radar detectors and laser jammers are legal in Missouri. (Radar detectors alert you to the presence of police radar. “Jammers” or “scramblers” interfere with the police officer’s laser gun, preventing it from recording your speed.)
  • Radar detectors are legal in Illinois but laser jammers are not allowed in Illinois.
  • Radar detectors are legal in all states except Virginia and Washington, D.C.
  • Radar jammers are illegal in Missouri, Illinois, and all 50 states.
  • Drivers of commercial motor vehicles are not allowed to use radar detectors, radar jammers, or laser jammers in Missouri, Illinois, or any other state.
  • Radar detectors must be turned off while driving on a military base.
  • You can attach a radar detector to your windshield or dashboard in Missouri.  However, this is not allowed in some states, such as Minnesota, and could cause you to receive a traffic ticket.

Can These Products Keep You From Getting a Red Light Camera Ticket or Speed Camera Ticket?

  • “Photo Radar Detectors” and “Speed Camera Jammers” prevent speed cameras and red light cameras from obtaining a photo of your license plate. They work in the same way as regular radar detectors and laser jammers.
  • “Photo Blocker Spray” is a product that you spray on your license plate to make it more reflective. When the red light camera or speed camera tries to take a photo of your plate, the spray supposedly causes your license plate to reflect the photo flash and prevents the camera from getting a picture of your plate.
  • License plate covers that block speed cameras and red light cameras from getting  a clear photo of your license plate. (Check your local traffic laws before purchasing any of the items listed above, to make sure they are legal to use in your state.)

If you are planning a cross-country car trip, you might want to check online to research state-by-state radar detector laws before you travel.

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