St. Louis City Adds More Red Light Cameras

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St. Louis City will install 11 more red light cameras this year, taking the total up to 62 cameras at 31 intersections in the City. The new red light cameras will be added regardless of the current legal dispute over whether the City’s red light camera ordinance violates state law.

St. Louis City Circuit Judge Mark Neill ruled in February 2012 that the City’s red light camera ordinance is void, but the City is challenging that ruling in the Missouri State Court of Appeals.

You Can Fight Your Red Light Camera Ticket In St. Louis City Municipal Court

In the meantime, the City has changed the wording on the red light camera tickets to inform defendants that they can fight their tickets in court if they choose to do so. Click here to read a St. Louis Magazine article about how to fight your red light camera ticket in St. Louis City traffic court.

Where Will The New Red Light Cameras Be Installed In St. Louis City?

Here’s a list of the locations where red light cameras will be installed this year:

    • Forest Park & Skinker (already installed)
    • Forest Park & Vandeventer
    • Olive & Jefferson
    • Jefferson & Park
    • Delmar & Skinker
    • Union & Bircher
    • Kingshighway & Oleatha

According to this recent article¬†about St. Louis City’s red light cameras, the cameras have brought in $17 million in revenue within the past 5 years since the cameras were installed.

St. Louis City Municipal Court does not issue warrants to defendants who refuse to pay fines for red light camera tickets, but unpaid tickets are turned over to a law firm for debt collection.

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